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Expand your affiliate horizon

With AzonPress, the world really is your oyster. Expand your affiliate marketing campaign to any platform of your choice

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Power up your affiliate marketing with AzonPress

Make your affiliate campaign 164% faster with these state-of-the-art WordPress affiliate features

comparison table

Comparison Table

Give your visitors a better buying experience with a well-organized product comparison table. Add more characters by customizing the way you want it.

The Most Intuitive Affiliate Plugin

What can AzonPress offer you?

With proficient affiliate features right in your dashboard, you really can be a jack of all trades

Affiliate Marketers

You can have all the features in the world, but without a neat dashboard to host them all, you would be lost. Introducing, AzonPress dashboard, your one-step go-to for all your affiliate campaign insight.

WordPress affiliate plugin for affiliate marketers

Content Creators

Being a content creator in this fast-changing world with things upgrading every second is not easy. Luckily, with AzonPress custom products, you can link any product across any platform to your content.

WordPress affiliate plugin for content creators

Tech Reviewers

Tech audiences tend to know the nitty-gritty details, and as a reviewer, you have to walk an extra mile. Now, with AzonPress Amazon comparison tables, you can cross that mile in style and provide your viewers with all the hot specs.

WordPress affiliate plugin for tech reviewers

Lifestyle Gurus

With the widest range of audiences, you need something easy, executable, and fast to cater to each of your leads. AzonPress lets you create easy Amazon product tables so you can help your viewers reach their Pinterest goals.

WordPress affiliate plugin for lifestyle gurus

Digital Nomads

You don’t always have the time, or a secure internet connection to keep an eye on your affiliate campaign. Relax! We got you! Just take a peek at the AzonPress reports page, and you’ll get an overview of your campaign. Just like that!

WordPress affiliate plugin for digital nomads

Easy Gutenberg blocks

Add personality to your website with stylish Gutenberg blocks that only

take a few seconds to add

pros and cons

Pros and Cons

A simple yet effective block to tell your users which parts of a products you like and which you don’t.

Single Product

Whether you’re highlighting a bestseller, a new release, or a featured product, this block offers a clean and focused presentation. No coding needed.

single product comparison

Star Rating

A simple, yet elegant score that is understood by people all across the globe. Make full use of the universal star-rating system.

star rating
call to action

Call to Action

For full visibility and driving your sales home with beautiful, user-friendly call-to-action blocks optimized for maximum clicks.

affiliate notification


When you want to convey an important notice, grab users’ attention, highlight useful segments, this block lets you express your message in a clean and minimalist way.

affiliate buttons


Stylish, eye-catchy buttons to make sure your users are taking all the right turns. Attract them, guide them, simply wow them!

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The Best WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Product table with zero code in only 3 easy steps

Take the hassle out of the way and create your product table

Provide API secret key, choose country, and add tracking ID. You can also set API caching time if you wish.

Search the products you want to display using keywords or Amazon Standard identification numbers (ASIN).

Copy the product table shortcode, and paste it on the page or post you want to display the table on, and voilà!

connect amazon API
Select your product
publish your affiliate product
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Compare AzonPress

Make an informed decision by comparing AzonPress with other affiliate plugins

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Words from our users

AzonPress is much loved. And our users don’t shy away from showing their love

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Amazing design

Rose Austen

September 15, 2023

The design, features, and performance are outstanding! Lately, it has become my #1 choice for my website. As a WP enthusiast, I highly recommend this plugin. It works great! Kudos to the AzonPress team.

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star rating

Lovely team

Kristi Harrington

March 2, 2023

The great thing about this plugin for me is that it also works without API keys. It’s a great tool for affiliates on other marketplaces than Amazon. Thank you for making this!

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star rating

Best in town !!!


November 1, 2023

After trying out some of the common Amazon affiliate plugins on the market, I’ve stumbled upon AzonPress and I have to say, it does the job too well! The features are easy to use and well-developed.

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star rating

Great support

Steve Collins

June 7, 2023

I came across a silly problem while creating a product table but the sincerity with which the team handled the whole issue just won my heart. They definitely do put the emphasis on their customers.

AzonPress Pricing Plan

Get the tool that helps you make money, without making you spend money

Single Site



**Billed Annually

  • 1 Domain License
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • All Features Included




**Billed Annually

  • Upto 20 Domains
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • All Features Included




**Billed Annually

  • Unlimited Domains
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • All Features Included

Single Site



  • 1 Domain License
  • Lifetime Update
  • Lifetime Support
  • All Features Included




  • Upto 20 Domains
  • Lifetime Update
  • Lifetime Support
  • All Features Included




  • Unlimited Domains
  • Lifetime Update
  • Lifetime Support
  • All Features Included

Grow your business with AzonPress

Choose the tool that understands you and helps your business grow

Easy to use

AzonPress sports smart functionalities that make for quick implementation.

Priority support

No matter what problems you may face, send us a ticket, and we’ll solve your issues.


No matter how big your affiliate program is, use AzonPress for fluid scaling and expansion.

AzonPress is a WordPress plugin from WPManageNinja Over 750K+ businesses are using WPManageNinja softwares and love using them

Your guide to affiliate marketing

Read AzonPress blogs to help you guide through the maze of affiliate marketing

Frequently Asked Question

Don’t be in the puzzle before hitting the Buy Now button!

You do not need Amazon API to perform basic functionalities. However, we recommend you use Amazon API to have a flawless experience.

If you don’t want to use API, you can manually insert your affiliate links and product details on the webpage.

Yes, you can customize the layouts of your affiliate links. Grid, Box, List, Table, Widget – you can choose any layout you want.

Yes, AzonPress is a completely SEO-friendly plugin. Users can find your affiliate link pages on Google easily.

Yes, you can easily create Amazon bestseller lists to attract more customers.

We refund the price of the product within 14 days of purchase. Please submit a support ticket for refund, and our support team will try to refund you as early as possible.

We have a dedicated support team to help you all the way. Submit a support ticket to get any help using AzonPress.

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