AzonPress Privacy Policy

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These privacy and policy outline the rules and regulations for the use of AzonPress’s Website and plugin, located at

Privacy Policy for AzonPress

Welcome to!

These privacy and policy outline the rules and regulations for the use of AzonPress’ Website and Plugin located at

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy describes information on how we collect, process, and share the personal data of external individuals to the website and the AzonPress WordPress plugin. We declare that AzonPress is a child concern of WPManageNinja. You can find WPManageNinja’s Privacy Policy here.

What data is being collected by AzonPress?

AzonPress requests data relevant to executing payment processing while the users purchase an AzonPress license. But AzonPress does not store any credit card credentials.

Product users

When product users (website admins) deploy AzonPress on their WordPress website, they consciously agree to the terms or conditions regarding specific data accessible to third parties via their developer API. Note that if the product users turned off the Auto Update or Auto Sync feature, still some data (previously cached) may be stored in the product user’s website database. However, AzonPress is not responsible for this cached data. This issue is described in detail below.


When end-users register with and complete transactions using the payment gateways, they consciously agree to the terms or conditions regarding specific data accessible to third parties via their developer API like Amazon. Upon purchase via affiliate links, any transaction details are directly managed by Amazon. AzonPress neither collects nor stores any transaction data. Moreover, all kinds of private data are excluded. AzonPress does not fetch/process/store any user data that are not permitted by users to be shared publicly.

AzonPress only uses device and location information to show geo-targeted results. This data is used only a single time. It is not stored in the plugin database for any future reference. A detailed description of the personal data that AzonPress can display is given below:

Amazon access credentials

AzonPress will never receive any personal information about an individual user from Amazon. Amazon works the same just as all online marketplaces. The only personal information provided by Amazon is the Amazon API. For more information, please refer to the Amazon privacy policy.

How does AzonPress use the data collected?

AzonPress only collects Amazon API credentials which are used to link the two platforms and provide better affiliation.

Third-party APIs

AzonPress uses only one third-party API the Amazon API. This is stored to use further to fetch products from Amazon.

As we stick to this policy, you can visit the Data Policy pages to know how these APIs may gather and use the data for more information.

How can users request to delete their data?

Depending on access, users can be categorized into two types. The product users are those who directly use the AzonPress plugin to showcase various products for affiliate purposes. And the end-users, those who use the AzonPress tables to make purchases. So, based on the category of users, the process of deletion is also divided into two types.

Product users

To delete the configuration and credentials, from your WordPress website’s admin panel (product user) go to AzonPress > Settings and open the configuration. Next, you can remove the data and Save the Settings. 


End-users complete the purchase in the Amazon marketplace, wherein all the transaction data is provided. AzonPress does not collect any user data from this process. Therefore, no requirement for deletion arises either.

How AzonPress website handles user data?

User data is a sensitive topic, and so the following questions and answers arise on the topic.

Is any data forwarded to third parties?

AzonPress website doesn’t collect any third-party data. We retrieve data directly from the users, which is stored only in the plugin’s custom database. If the admin (product user) wishes to send user data to third-parties, they can do so. But in such instances, AzonPress takes no responsibility for such data sharing.

Does AzonPress track data?

AzonPress website itself doesn’t track any user data. We only collect some relevant user information through subscription forms which is used to make the customer journey more smooth. However, to ensure a better user experience and to provide better service, the AzonPress website uses third-party tracking tools like Google Analytics. Learn more about them here.

Third-party connections

If the product user needs to send, forward, or provide any data to third-party connections, they are free to do so. But the AzonPress plugin doesn’t collect or distribute any user data on its own.

Does AzonPress use cookies to store personal data?

No, the AzonPress WordPress plugin does not use cookies to store personal data. However, the website ( assigns cookies to visitors to make their browsing experience smoother. Users can accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings on the browser or by using the options.

Support and contact forms

When you click on the Support or Contact Form on our website, you may be asked to provide your name and email address to get back to your queries and requests. The information and your public IP address have been stored in the AzonPress website’s database. Moreover, we forward the support ticket submission to the WPManageNinja Support team. All the support and contact forms are managed by WPManageNinja.

AzonPress demos

AzonPress offers demo pages of each product table or comparison table to try before our users make a purchase. Due to these requests, your IP address is visible to the AzonPress team, which may be used following their data privacy policies.

External links

The affiliate websites may contain links to other websites. The AzonPress team is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.

Linked content from other websites

Published blogs on our website may contain embedded content such as videos, images, articles, etc. However, this embedded content from other websites performs the same on our site as how website visitors have visited the other website.

Moreover, suppose you are logged in to the related account. In that case, these websites may collect data, use your cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor your action and interaction with that embedded content.

Product purchase

Users buying a product from our website enables us to collect personal data associated with purchases and the transaction process. This includes:

  • Name
  • IP address
  • Billing address (Credit Card)
  • Please note that we don’t store credit card information. For payment operations, we have been using Stripe and PayPal. Both of the operators store information securely on their encrypted servers (Stripe privacy policy) and (PayPal privacy policy)

Above mentioned information is sent to Stripe/PayPal, and they process the transaction and store the information securely. The moment you purchase a product from us, we will send transactional emails related to your purchase or attempted purchase, such as purchase confirmation receipt, account login information, checkout recovery email, and license renewal reminder emails. When logged into your account on our website, a cookie is set in your browser for allowing you to remain logged into your account. All the product purchases are directly managed by WPManageNinja.


For better performance, a smooth user experience, and product improvement, we need to collect usage data from the website visitors. We use analytics tools such as Google Analytics to collect general browsing information and IP address and location data. Check out the Google Analytics privacy policy from the link. To understand better how our website has been used, we track the page history of visitors on our site. Moreover, for your data deletion request, contact us at any time.

Website contact

You can contact us if you have any queries about our privacy policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website. Contact us on For support, please contact our support team.

Report security vulnerabilities

In case you want to report a possible data security vulnerability, report to us immediately through WPManageNinja product support team. You can report any data vulnerability/probability of data breach here.

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